Peliteollisuuden kehittäminen ja vahvistaminen Pohjois-Pohjanmaalla hankkeen osallistujien tekemiä pelejä.

Vanhempia pelejä


Grimrush is an upcoming top down Action game set in an alternate setting where the player fights menacing boss monsters for leaderboard glory.

The game’s primary focus will be in providing challenging and engaging battles and allowing the player to create unique builds using an array of varied playable characters and skills.

Released: on Steam now

Platform: PC




White sands last stand, a topdown survival shooter made in fall 2016 as introductory game jam.

Download here

Download here

Rob banks as the criminal mastermind in this top-down puzzle action game!

Change your shape to hide from different kinds of enemies. You are invisible to your matching form. Your goal is to escape from the building and steal all treasures on your way out.

Move: W,A,S,D

Square: J
Circle: K
Triangle: L
Restart: R
Next level when level is cleared: N

Release: 18.4.2016

Platforms: WebGL

Available at: http://gamejolt.com/games/roborob/141851

Fusion burner

Fusion Burner is a summer student game project.

Release: TBA

Platforms: PC

Kalajoki Times

Kalajoki Times game is a point-and-click adventure set in historical Plassi market. Game consists of three independant chapters which detail life in early 1900’s.

Play here


Frostboard is a snowboarding game made for Iso-Syöte. Level geometry was made with Centria’s laser scanner.

Play here



Steamdroid was a student teams game which competed in Assembly Summer 2012 game development competition.

Watch gameplay here


Firefighters was a fire and rescue game where you can put out burning buildings inside and out. At the same time you can upgrade your firestation and crews equipment.

Adventure shoot’em-up

Shoot’em up game with multiple branching levels and upgrades to equipment and weapons.

Icestation C

Icestation C was a ambitious first game. A multiplayer FPS social adventure game set on distant research station.