Centria Game Lab creates interdisciplinary teams to work on game development in a process from concept to final product. Team include participants with expertise in graphic design, programming, sound design, game design, production, script-writing, sales and marketing and 3d-modelling.

Centria Game Lab Curriculum

Centria Game Lab curriculum consists of two 30 ECTS credit course packages, Demo Path and Game Path.

The Demo Path, a four-month package, is the starting point for all Centria Game LAB students. The first month focuses on rapid concept design and teaching the basics of working in the game industry, from game design to business. The next stage--and the bulk of the demo path--is dedicated to game development and to refining the skills of each individual in his or her chosen role. Each team on the path aims to create a playable game demo.

Those who have completed the demo path can continue on the Game Path, a six month study program. On the game path, teams continue to develop games developed in the demo path, aiming for a complete release. A student can also choose to join a new team in the demo path cycle, in which case he or she is expected to be more active, take on more responsibility, and act as a guide to those just entering game lab.

More detailed Curriculum in our brochure.

Pelipaja and Game Lab in Centria

Centria Game Lab has been created in cooperation with Centria University of Applied Sciences and Oulu University of Applied Sciences. OAMK's Game Lab model is being fitted to new environment in a two and half year project. During this time Centria will adopt Game Lab model to Oulu Southern region.

Goal of Centria's Game Lab is to create new skilled workers, new jobs and start-ups in the game industry to the region.

Centria Game Lab

Centria University of Applied Sciences and Oulu University of Applied Sciences have started a joint project to create new Game Lab to Ylivieska campus. Project started in January 2015 and lasts until summer of 2017.

Game Lab is implementation of game development studies from Oulu University of Applied Sciences. Application is open now.

Training in Centria Game Lab

Pelipaja had historically been an internship project where students have made games during May and June each year. Whole project started as a one man show in December of 2008. At the time Centria students didn't have a clear game development courses. Many courses touched on the subject lightly though. During early months of 2009, first game project was designed. Actual development of first game started in May 2009.

Centria Game Lab education is tailored to meet demands of todays game industry and is built on foundation laid with many years of Pelipaja experience.

Pelipaja summer internship

Traditional Pelipaja implementation is a summer internship available to Centria students. Size of project depends per student, usually between 10-12 ECTS. Application is open now.

In previous years summer project has created:

  • 2 published games
  • 5 game prototypes
  • 10 game demos
  • 840 ECTS credited

Summer Pelipaja creates multi-disciplinary teams to work in fast prototyping process. Teams include students who are experienced in graphic design, programming, game design and marketing.

Pelipaja course

Pelipaja course is the main game development course to Centria students. Course is available to second to fourth year students.

Curriculum for course includes game design, prototyping, graphics design to games, game programming, team and project management, communication skills, script-writing, sales and marketing.

Application is open now and next course will start in fall 2015. Course size is 30 ECTS. You can also apply via Open University of Applied Sciences.

Skills recommended

Previous experience from at least one of the following skills is recommended but not required when entering Centria Game Lab:

  • Programming
  • Game Design
  • 2D / 3D Art
  • Audio design
  • Scriptwriting
  • Marketing
  • Producing