How to apply

Centria Game Lab, Pelipaja, starts twice a year in fall and spring. Next Game Lab program starts in August, 2016.

Applications are accepted until midnigth July 1st 2016, while entrance interviews for spring are held before August 2016. Applicants called to interview can participate via Skype or in person.

From an Centria Game Lab participant, we are looking for a keen interest or professional experience in your area of expertise and a tangible enthusiasm for gaming. Professional game development requires diverse and deep expertise, and the ability to work well in a team and to cope effectively with pressure.

More detailed information in our brochure.

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Apply via Open University

Not enrolled at the Centria University of Applied Sciences? You can still apply to Centria Game Lab with form below.

Please note: For Centria Game Lab studies you don't need to pay for the ECTS. It's only required for the participants to submit the application form.

As a student of Centria University of Applied Sciences

Any student of the Centria University of Applied Sciences who has progressed to his or hers second to fourth year of studies may apply to Centria Game Lab within Centria UAS.

As an international exchange student

International exchange student? You can apply to Centria Game Lab within Centria University of Applied Sciences as part of your studies.

Application to Centria Game Lab, Pelipaja

  1. Fill in the application form below
  2. Optional: attach your CV and portfolio link.
  3. We will send you a link to confirm interview date with you.

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Motivation and experience

Why do you want to participate in Centria Game Lab? What strengths needed in the game industry do you have?

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Describe your own gaming experience. What games do you play and what kind of a player are you?

Industry experience
Experience in game development or concept design.

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Additional detail

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Studies at Centria University of Applied Sciences

This section is only for students currently attending Centria UAS. If you are applying through Open University, please skip this section.

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Courses and grades
Grades in the courses which support the game and concept training.

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