Timef**k Shooter



TFS -art




Timef**k Shooter is a competitive tactical multiplayer top-down shooter, where you can save your soldiers by altering the past events, with tactical decisions. You win by altering the past events and killing the other players soldiers.

Upon winning you gain renown in ranked gameplay. You can also just play casual to train yourself in understanding the in game mechanics. Every third victory gives you money, which you can then use to buy character packs and other useful stuff from the shop. Rise to the top by mowing down your enemies with your squad





Gameplay & Key mechanics

You start with one character. You choose the movement path for your character and the way he moves. As does your opponent. Then you move into resolve phase where your character moves. Upon seeing an enemy, your character fires his gun. Same goes with your opponents character. Once either your or your opponents character is dead, a new turn will start, and you get one character more.

You can no longer control your first character, unless you create a timefunk-situation. (Meaning your character must die on the first turn and survive on the second turn.)The game continues like above until both players have 5 characters. The game ends when the last character of either team dies.