The Bards of Time

Basic mechanics
Bards of Time is a single player JRPG adventure game where you travel in time and gather folklore and notes. In the universe of Bards music is considered magic that can be improved in your skill tree. You gain experience as you use your musical skills against the Noiselings, the henchmen of The White Noise. As you gain experience, you receive new instruments that you use as weapons and tunes you cast as spells. The skill tree consists of the notes you gather. Your final goal is to destroy the White Noise and defeat her with your skills.

The player is The Bard of Time who travels in time and revisits different eras of music, such as renaissance, baroque etc. Each level is heavily themed with the targeted era. As music is considered magic, there’ll be elemental substance implemented on the spells. You need bass instruments to defeat huge enemies and piccolo flute would be necessary if fighting against fast and small critters. Instrumentation of the spells increase as they grow stronger. The Bards of Time is based on history of western art music. The facts of actual events are the bedrock of this game.

Atmosphere and soundscape
The music that is going to be used in the game is classical affected, yet modern and electronically produced. Music in boss fights is classical music that has been manipulated. Music in boss fights get progressively ”better” as the health bar of the boss decreases. That causes the twisted song to become a clean version.
Graphics are influenced by Ragnarök Online, Digimon World 1 and Breath of Fire IV.

Example game play of Baroque level
1. You choose to revive the era of Baroque and select the wanted Time Bubble from the world map.
2. You enter the world of Baroque which is twisted by the effect of The White Noise.
3. You fight against the Noiselings and solve puzzles on your way.
4. At the end of each level there’ll be a boss fight. The boss of the Baroque level is a twisted J. S. Bach. There’ll be quick time events that requires fast reactions. Successful quick time event will cause the Bard to receive special attacks that can be used against the boss.