Unwanted journey

Hello people!
So my game concept got through gate 1 which means that I and Tony Asplund who joined this team will start working on this game.
The game that we are going to start working on is 2D atmospheric puzzle with some platformer elements.
Gameplay consists of scary, intense and peaceful moments.
The main character is a young boy who got thrown into a cave and has to find a way out of the cave while fleeing from his enemies, solving puzzles and battling his mind.
This game doesn’t have any combat system against enemies so the player has to stay away from enemies at all costs.
The game offers player unique puzzles, story, atmosphere and high risk high reward sanity mechanics.
When main character’s sanity is low enough it allows the player to see dark areas without light, but if sanity goes down more things might get troublesome.
So this is the game concept me and Tony are gonna start improving and working on and hopefully someday we will have a complete game for you guys to play.