Kuukausi: syyskuu 2016

Timef**k Shooter

          Timef**k Shooter is a competitive tactical multiplayer top-down shooter, where you can save your soldiers by altering the past events, with tactical decisions. You win by altering the past events and killing the other players soldiers. Upon winning you gain renown in ranked gameplay. You can also just play casual …

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Unwanted journey

Hello people! So my game concept got through gate 1 which means that I and Tony Asplund who joined this team will start working on this game. The game that we are going to start working on is 2D atmospheric puzzle with some platformer elements. Gameplay consists of scary, intense and peaceful moments. The main …

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The Bards of Time

Basic mechanics Bards of Time is a single player JRPG adventure game where you travel in time and gather folklore and notes. In the universe of Bards music is considered magic that can be improved in your skill tree. You gain experience as you use your musical skills against the Noiselings, the henchmen of The …

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