It’s a start for Centria Game Lab

This fall marked the beginning of a new Centria Game Lab. This is the best place for developing games in our local area.

We got twelve participants, each with varying levels of expertise. I have to say that I was quite pleased with how everybody found their own place in teams from day one.

We began with around six game concepts and teams. Teams had couple of weeks time for refining their ideas a bit and a week ago we had qualification round, Gate 1. Some teams delivered their idea clearly, others didn’t.

In the end we were left with three teams, 4 members each. Teams now have again couple of weeks to come up with a prototype.

Gate 2 is coming in the beginning of October. Let’s see which team get through.


Meantime I will soon start recruiting for our next round of Centria Game Lab, starting in January 2016!